Factors to Consider When Buying Wax Pens

Traditional vaping methods were cumbersome and sometimes dangerous. Today, vaping using wax pens is an enjoyable experience and devoid of health hazards. When buying a wax pen, you have every reason to pick the best wax pen. That said, this write-up seeks to enlighten you on essential features to look for when purchasing a wax pen.


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The battery type is an important feature to consider when buying a wax pen. Each wax pen has a battery, but different models have different battery types. Some companies manufacture cells with fixed temperature setting and others with variable temperature control settings. Remember, temperature plays a significant role in enhancing the consistency and vape flavor. Thus, choosing a wax pen that has a variable temperature is setting is a perfect idea.


You also have to consider the type of atomizer used in the wax pen. Ideally, an atomizer serves to help vaporize your concentrate. Thus, you need to choose a wax pen that allows you enjoy a potent dose. The only way to achieve this is to look at the quality of the atomizer. Considering that you might be required to replace your atomizer quite often, always go for quality

Ceramic Pods

Today, you are more likely to come across vape pens that incorporate a ceramic pod. This feature makes sure that the wrapped coil is not exposed. More to this, it facilitates uniform heating of the wax.


vaper Wax pens have different types of mouthpieces. Some have metallic, ceramic, glass or heat-resistant plastic mouthpieces. Notably, some units incorporate multiple mouthpiece designs. Based on your preference and pocket size, you can choose a wax pen that has one of these mouthpieces or all in one unit. However, it is advisable to buy a pen vape that has a wide mouthpiece as this facilitates cleaning and deters clogging.

With the above tips, then you are better placed in making an informed decision. Other tips will help you buy a nice wax pen. To mention a few, it is advisable to settle for a wax pen that sells at a reasonable price and a unit that is common among many vapers.…