Choosing and Using Wet or Dry Vacs

Wet and dry vacs are used to up everything from a surface full of plaster chunks, nails, larger debris, microscopic drywall dust, and water. When sawing, demolishing a structure or drilling a hole on the wall, a big mess can because which is consisting dust and debris. You do not have to hire a dust collector, get online and buy one that will suit your needs. They are becoming more and more affordable, so it is important to grab one. The best dust collector model to choose is the wet or dry vacuums. They are similar to a fat hose pipe, strong motor, and a huge tank for sucking up everything that is collected from chunks of dust, plaster, and nails among other materials. Some models contain a detachable motor which is sometimes used as an effective leaf blower. In fact, these items come in different sizes and capacities. You need to take your time to learn more before you make an order. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to choose and use a muffled wet dry shop vac for cleanup.


The vacs’ hose pipes vary from one item to another regarding the diameter. The manufacturers are responsible for designing matches to the size and power to capacity. You also have a chance to choose from the varying lengths of the hoses. It is advisable to choose a longer hose because it is regarded as more convenient. However, the longer the hose pipe, the less the suction power.

Hose Tank Connection

The point where the hose joins with the tank, find a screw and lock the connections. This helps to prevent any dislocation. It also helps to ensure that there is no unnecessary pulling when the vacuum is tagged.


Normally, most shop vacs produce a lot of noise. The noise generated can at times go up to an 85-decibel level. If the noise level goes higher than this 80 decibels, then you require hearing protection. The noise can harm your hearing badly.

Auto Shut-off

A good dry or wet shop vac must have an auto-switch. It contains a great internal switch should the tank get full it reacts. Also, the auto shut off indicates that the tank is full of debris, plaster or any other material that has been collected.

Water Feature

You cannot address all the features of a shop vac without mentioning the water feature. Some of the models can still act as a water pumping machines. They also, allow the user to hook up the garden hose pipe to stagnant water of clear of floods. Therefore, you can do the cleaning by yourself if there is a heavy downpour and you do not have enough money to hire water damage restoration agencies.


A dry vac contains some attachments for efficient working. Most models have a sweep-floor tool and a large water blade. Always make sure that the tools are stored onboard. This help to place everything where it needs to be for easy access.


A larger tank may look like the best option, but it is very hard to handle especially when you are handling a tank full of water. Make sure you choose a tank that is manageable.